Forming Friendships

Nursery have settled brilliantly into their new surroundings and have been busy practising their phonics, number work and thinking about themselves. They have been looking carefully at their faces and describing what they can see. Here are some fantastic self portraits they have painted, showing off their big smiles!

The children’s favourite activity is ‘Busy Time’ when they get to choose their own activities and have lots of fun with all their new friends. They love playing together, sharing experiences and they enjoy helping their friends too. Well done Nursery!

We hope you have enjoyed seeing what we’ve been busy doing in Nursery!

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Fox

Brave Beginnings!

All the children have been fantastic since they started. They are already very much part of our Rushall family and have shown everyone how amazing they are, learning their new routines and settling in, to their new Nursery environment.
They are all working really hard with their goodbyes in the morning, being very brave coming into school. Well done Nursery, we are so proud of you and all your families, as we know it’s just as difficult for your grown ups to say goodbye.

Once in Nursery the children are having lots of fun and are busy making lots of new friends along the way.

Can you spot your picture and tell your grown up what you were doing?

Please come back again soon to see what fun we’re having…

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Fox and Mrs Gilbert