Pudsey Power!

Nursery enjoyed helping raise money for Pudsey. The children all came dressed in their own clothes and looked fantastic!

We started our day dancing along with Pudsey bear, he has some amazing dance moves! Pudsey can even do a back flip!

Then we had a go at throwing our pennies onto Pudsey! We had to try and throw carefully to make sure they landed on him!

We spent our day doing lots of great teddy activities. We had a tea party for our teddies…

We thought about how teddies were feeling… Were they happy? Sad? Surprised? Worried?

We helped dress teddy bears…

We practised our pencil control, following Pudsey’s patterns and carefully colouring our own Pudsey bears…

We had lots and lots of fun helping Pudsey bear!

Well done Nursery!

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Fox

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