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Good morning Nursery! I hope you are all well and enjoyed playing in the snow over the weekend. Did you make footprints in the snow? Or spot any interesting footprints? I wonder who or what made them?

Did you make a snowman? Was it big or small?

We would love to see any pictures of you in the snow and your snow creations from the weekend. Please send them to:


Today you can practice the sounds we have sent home to you.

You can be a detective and go on a sound hunt around your home. What things can you find that begin with each different sound? How many things can you find? Can you carefully count each of the things you have found? Can you tell your grown up what number we always start with when we are counting? What sound can you find the most things for? Can you use your fast fingers to show the different numbers?

Choose one of the sounds to practice writing and draw the things you found. Remember to write your name on too, so we know which sound detective the work belongs to…

Choose a story to read to your grown up. Can you use the pictures to tell the story? You could take turns with your grown up. You can tell the story on one page and your grown up can tell the story on the next page. We know how fantastic you all are at taking turns in Nursery with your friends.

Can you do some dancing with your grown up to warm up your strong arms? Then you will be ready to draw us a super snowman picture! You will need to draw some circles. Can you tell your grown up where you need to start drawing a circle? Do you start at the top or bottom? Remember all the features we see on a face that you will need to include!

Can you help the Numberblocks search for numbers around your home? What numbers can you find? Can you tell your grown up the numbers you spot? Remember to practice the different ways you can show the number using your fast fingers…

We look forward to seeing what you do. Please send any photos you have of your wonderful work into…


See you all soon,

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Fox

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