Nursery Nativity 🌟

In a far away town called Bethlehem shone the brightest twinkling stars and many beautiful angels to help tell the story of the birth of the baby Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas…

Nursery looked amazing and thoroughly enjoyed performing on stage. Thank you so much for all your hard work and the wonderful costumes you provided to ensure your children looked absolutely fantastic! We sang songs both on our own and along with our friends in Reception.

The children worked really hard learning all their songs, as well as the actions and Makaton signs to accompany their singing. I’m sure they will be able to teach you at home some of the Christmas signs that they have learnt.

You were fantastic Nursery and I’m sure all your families will be so impressed with your performance. There won’t be a dry eye in any of your homes. Well done Nursery you have proved once again what singing superstars you are! We are so proud of you all! You deserve a standing ovation!

Wishing you all a big ‘Happy Christmas!’ from Nursery.

Best wishes,

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Fox

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