Dragon Dance! 🐲

This week the children have enjoyed finding out about Chinese New Year! We learnt that people clean their houses to get rid of anything bad ready for the new year. Then once everywhere is clean they put up lots of colourful decorations around their homes. They wear new red clothes as red is their lucky colour.
They watch colourful and lively parades with long dragons that dance down the street to music! They have lots of firecrackers that make lots of BIG BANGS! The big bangs scare away anything bad.
We drew dragons and made some long swirling, sparkly dragons too!

We also learnt that each year is named after an animal and 2022 is the year of the tiger.

We tried to do some Chinese writing to represent different animals. Chinese writing looks very different to the letter sounds we are learning.

We danced to some Chinese music and enjoyed creating our own music to make up our own dragon dances to.

Our music was very loud! A bit like the firecrackers in the new year parade!

We also learnt that Chinese people eat lots of lovely food as part of their new year celebrations, and that they use chopsticks to eat. We had a go at using chopsticks with a chopstick challenge! We had to really concentrate and persevere as we found using chopsticks could be quite tricky!

We tried some crunchy, crispy prawn crackers! Lots of the children liked them and thought they ’smelt good’ and tasted ’nice’ and ‘good’ and ‘yummy’ some of the children even thought they tasted ‘like pizza!’

🐯🧧🏮 Happy Chinese New Year! 🏮🧧🐯

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