Digit Day

On Friday the children helped raise money for the NSPCC by taking part in ’Dress up for Digits’ they looked fantastic in their number clothes. The children were adorned with lots of different numbers and shapes, that they all enjoyed spotting.

We started our day with some super number music. To warm ourselves up and get ourselves ready for the day ahead, full of lots of magical maths work we danced to ’Rock Around the Clock’ which the children loved grooving and moving to!

We played a frog jumping game, we made frogs jump onto lily pads and said which number they landed on. We loved seeing how far and how high our frogs could jump!

We made dough cakes and carefully counted how many birthday candles we added and looked for the matching number cupcake.

We used our pinchy fingers to peel and push stickers to match the number card we chose.

We also made pictures by drawing around Numicon, did some good thinking to piece together some really BIG number puzzles and we painted some of our favourite Numberblocks too…

We finished our day with a great number story that made us all smile!

We really enjoyed our number packed day!

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