Super Science! 🪴

For ‘British Science Week’ the children have been finding out about seeds and plants and what they need to help them grow. We have been using our senses to explore. The children have been doing their good looking and good talking to carefully look at plants and flowers and describe what they can see and the changes that have occurred, we have described what we can feel and also what we can smell!

We have put some seeds onto some damp cotton wool and have given the seeds their own mini greenhouse to help keep them warm and ensure they get plenty of light. We have used vegetable and flower seeds, the seeds looked very different, some were big and some were very small, some were round like little footballs, some were long and thin and they were different colours too. We had to be very careful with the tiny seeds and hold onto them tightly with our pinchy fingers! We are looking forward to seeing what happens to our different seeds…

Please come back soon so we can show you how our seeds have changed…

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