Curly Caterpillars

The caterpillars have been very busy wiggling, wriggling, creeping and crawling. They even made what looked like a spider’s web across the bottom of their pot, this really intrigued everybody…

So, our little visitors in Nursery aren’t so little anymore because as well as moving around lots, they have also been very busy munch, munch, munching! Luckily though, they haven’t escaped to munch their way through our plants. Our plants are still safely growing, getter bigger and taller every day.

One caterpillar even made a c, c, caterpillar shape! Just like we see in our phonics lessons.

The children have been busy describing the changes to the caterpillars, we have heard some fantastic language and seeing how much the caterpillars have grown has got everybody thinking about how and why they’ve changed.

The children have been looking carefully at the caterpillars and have made some detailed, observational drawings of them.

The children have also been using their tricky fingers to make some paper chain caterpillars! Can you spot which caterpillars are short and which ones look longer?

In our maths busy time we printed circles to make some long caterpillars! Can you spot which is the longest caterpillar? Can you count how many circles long each caterpillar is?

The caterpillars are changing again now and are no longer crawling about the pot they have turned into chrysalides and they look much smaller! They are hiding inside their hard shells…

and we can’t wait to see what happens to them next…

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